Here is a selection of questions that our clients have asked us, which we hope will be helpful to you. If you have a question to put to our amnio-pcr team, please feel free to email us at .

Who can have an Amnio-PCR test?

Any pregnant woman who has been referred for an amniocentesis test can request Amnio-PCR.

How do I decide whether to have an invasive amniocentesis test or no test at all?

This is a decision that you should make after discussions with your partner, your consultant and your midwife. Your antenatal team will normally provide you with all the information and counselling that you will need to make this choice. They should explain to you the implications of this test and the factors that you need to consider.

How do I arrange an Amnio-PCR test?

Prior to your date for amniocentesis, you should have discussed this rapid assay with your antenatal team who may have arrangements in place to proceed with the test. Alternatively, you can obtain a sample kit from The Doctors Laboratory, by contacting   or by telephoning 0207 307 7409.

How do I obtain an Amnio-PCR sample kit?

You are welcome to call The Doctors Laboratory on 0207 307 7409 to request a kit or order one through this website using our order form.

What does a sample kit contain?

An Amnio-PCR sample kit is very simple. It contains a small sterile universal tube to hold your sample of amniotic fluid, a request form to be completed by your antenatal midwife, and a prepaid pack for the specimen to be forwarded to our laboratory.

How is the Amnio-PCR sample obtained?

A small amount of the amniotic fluid sample collected is put aside to be sent to The Doctors Laboratory, Genetics Division for analysis. The rest of your specimen will be taken to the local laboratory for routine cell culture. As an alternative, the entire sample may be despatched to us for PCR + culture although the cost is greater.

Is it true that I must pay for Amnio-PCR assay?

If you choose to have this test, generally, yes. Sometimes NHS funding is not available to cover Amnio-PCR and an invoice will be send directly to you, from The Doctors Laboratory.

How do I obtain my results?

Your Amnio-PCR result is given to the antenatal team normally within 48 hours following receipt of the specimen at the laboratory. Any interpretation of the answer will be fully explained to you by your consultant.

How can I be sure that Amnio-PCR is accurate?

Where Down syndrome and other major trisomy abnormalities are concerned the assay has proved 100% accurate, other rarer chromosome abnormalities will not be detected, simply because markers for these rarities are not included in the testing regime. Some of these will however be identified upon culture later. Consultant obstetricians worldwide use our services with confidence.

What if my consultant wishes more precise information regarding this test?

The highly skilled clinical scientists responsible for developing this test are available to discuss Amnio-PCR and other genetic tests that we undertake. There is a section of this web site created for healthcare professionals.

How am I able to find more information about Amnio-PCR?

Your antenatal team should be able to respond to your request, or you can order a patient information leaflet by contacting