doctor with pregnant womanPrior to your amniocentesis appointment, you will have discussed Amnio-PCR with your partner, your midwife and your consultant. You may like to draw your antenatal team's attention to the healthcare professional section of this website.

Your obstetric unit may hold our sample kits. However, if you wish to order the kit before having your test, please contact 

Your consultant will send a small amount of amniotic fluid that is extracted during amniocentesis directly to our genetics laboratory, TDL Genetics, where the PCR analysis will be undertaken. The remainder of the sample will be sent to your local laboratory for culture in the normal way. Alternatively, we can undertake both PCR and culture if requested.

We will send the results directly to your antenatal team within 48 hours of the sample arriving at the laboratory and the invoice for this analysis will be sent directly to you.