pregnant womanAims of Amnio-PCR

  • To provide a rapid (24-48 hours) and reliable antenatal diagnosis of the most common chromosome abnormalities that may result in birth defects.
  • To avoid the time delay normally associated with waiting for cell culture following amniocentesis.
  • To reduce anxiety for a mother and her family by minimising waiting time for results.
  • To enable a mother and her healthcare team to decide the most appropriate actions at an earlier stage in pregnancy.

Advantages of Amnio-PCR

  • 100% accurate detection of major chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Applicable to pregnancies from 12 to 34 weeks.
  • Just a small amount of amniotic fluid is required.
  • 99% of pregnancy outcomes accurately predicted within 48 hours of amniocentesis.
  • Common forms of cystic fibrosis can be detected if requested.